Social Darts

A free, fully functional dart scoring app for mature browsers and Android tablets.

Social Darts

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Keep track of your darts scores online. The most usable Darts Scoring app available.

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Social Darts

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I've spent a lot of time on building this darts app and I'd love for it to be used by you!
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Social Darts

The story behind the app

Back in 2012, my girlfriend and I were camping at Camping de Bontekoe on the Dutch island of "Texel" (Right here) when I decided it’d be cool to build a darts scoring app of which only a handful existed in the app stores.
And so I sat on my inflatable bed with my laptop, hacking away in JavaScript to build a simple darts scoring engine.

I contracted a designer, hired a developer and … got distracted with life.

First my son was born, who had great trouble sleeping hence so did we.
Then I started an ambitious project with my company which affected me more than I had bargained for. (16-Hour working days while lacking sleep and bleeding money does strange things with a person’s willpower.)

After coming back to the app on several occasions it never got to the point of being ready for release, but now, 7 years after having started and with an app store flooded in Darts Apps, Social Darts is finally a fact!

Thanks for your patience!